Coming Home: Home owners wanted

This just a most brilliant and simple project run by amazing people for other people who could find their amazingness if only they had a place to live. Please share. So creative and we really need creative solutions at the moment.

a sense of place

coming-home-8 Do you own an empty home? Maybe one you can’t afford to do up enough to get it rented out at the moment? If so, we at Coming Home Liverpool might be able to help.

So get in touch?

We’re a new Community Interest Company, set up to find people decent homes to live in by working with the owners of the many empty homes in Liverpool to help you get your properties ready to be lived in again.

You might have inherited the now empty home from a relative, or bought it yourself some years ago. Either way, in these difficult times, you don’t have the money right now to do what might be the relatively small amount of works needed to attract new tenants. If so, we might be able to help you out of your difficulty and find the new tenants for you as well.

The way…

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